Tulsa's Penguin Parade



We began with an electronic model called a "point cloud"

The point cloud, a 3 dimensional set of data points can be created by manually digitizing an object or by laser scanning an object.

The point cloud is converted into a polygonal model

The polygonal model is made by connecting the point cloud data into a series of polygons


The polygonal model was manipulated to give the penguin the appearance of motion.
The model was then modified to accommodate manufacturing techniques and optimize strength.  The polygonal model was converted into a solid model to generate CNC programming language. The complete penguin was machined on state of the art CNC machinery.
The machined penguin was prepared to create the mold. A completed mold prepared for fiberglass. Fiberglass is sprayed into the mold.
Penguins waiting for delivery to the Tulsa Zoo. Our penguin, the Patriot PenguinTM, with a fresh coat of paint. Our Penguin, the Patriot PenguinTM, on Parade at 71st and Garnett in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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